Wednesday, November 16, 2011

#Sameday - Episode 2 - "Airwaves"

Episode 2: "Airwaves." Brand new web series "Sameday." Starring Cash Campain and Caleborate

Hip hop clashes with pop culture in an exciting, new and groundbreaking webseries from TwoX's Media Group. Sameday documents the careers of hip-hop artist Caleborate and r&b artist Cash Campain. Sameday will take viewers into the world of Cash Campain the music mogul-in-the-making, who, despite an underprivileged upbringing, is determined to change the game on his own terms. As well as Caleborate, the struggling college student, musical prodigy and rapper hoping to be crowned the "next one." Tune in and watch these two siblings display their hunger and passion to win at life.

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